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Culvert corrugated plate cold bending equipment

Culvert corrugated plate cold bending equipment

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Corrugated board cold bending equipment

Corrugated board cold bending production line

10X200mm culvert corrugated board punching, forming and arc automatic production line

Processing material thickness: 7~10mm

Processing board width: 1200mm

Wave height: 149mm

Wave distance: 381mm

Total power of equipment: 400kw

Equipment dimensions: 50mX8Mx2.5m

Culvert corrugated plate cold bending production line is mainly used to produce various bridge corrugated plates and culvert corrugated plates

The production line is a fully automated production line integrating uncoiling, leveling, punching, cold forming, arc bending, and cutting.

Equipment composition

The entire production line integrates production equipment with multiple technologies, such as unfolding/guidance, forming, cutting, automatic feeding, stamping, automatic receiving, offline bending and arcing.

The whole production line is composed of unwinding/drawing system, forming system, automatic conveying/positioning system, punching system, automatic receiving system, arc bending system, electrical control system, etc.

Advantages of special corrugated pipe equipment for culvert

1. Corrugated steel culvert has both rigidity and flexibility; the structure is reasonably stressed, the load is evenly distributed, and has a certain resistance to deformation.

2. Standardized design and large-scale production are adopted in the factory; short production cycle and high efficiency help reduce costs and improve quality.

3. The on-site installation is fast, the construction period is short, and the social and economic benefits are obvious.

4. The construction can be carried out throughout the year, and the construction is not affected by the season and environment.

5. It can effectively solve the problem of damage to concrete bridges and culverts caused by repeated frost heaves in cold northern areas.

6. Particularly suitable for long-term use: Eastern soil, expansive soil, soft soil, collapsible loess and other special areas can avoid damage to culverts caused by uneven settlement due to foundation deformation.

7. Reduce the use of conventional building materials such as cement, sand and stone, which has far-reaching significance for environmental protection.

8. Corrugated steel plate bridges and culverts with the same span are lower than concrete bridges and culverts.

9. The later maintenance workload is small and the maintenance cost is low.



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