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Glazed tile forming machine

Glazed tile forming machine

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  • Release date:2021-01-30 14:38:08
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Corrugated tile unitGlazed tile unit

Corrugated tile double-layer machine unitGlazed tile forming machine

Glazed tilesGlazed tile application

The color steel plate glazed tile produced by the color steel tile equipment is a new type of building material. The color steel plate is used as the base plate to be processed by cold bending, pressing and cutting. The color is rich, classical and elegant, and the product is light in weight, high in strength, and waterproof It has good performance, easy and fast installation, and can be widely used in villa roofs, urban flat slopes, and tourist attractions.

Jinan Ruifu 3D cutting glazed tiles uses 3D cutting tools to make the cutting end change with the ups and downs of the pressing table. The appearance is beautiful, generous and simple. It has been used more and more in construction, especially in villas and tourist attractions. Light steel structure.

Jinan Ruifu Color Steel Plate Glazed Tile Press is manufactured according to export standards, with beautiful appearance, high degree of automation and stable and reliable product quality. It has been exported to many countries and has been well received by customers. The main specifications are: YX35-192-960; YX25-200-1000; YX27-206-825; YX37-253-760; YX31.5-188-752; YX28-207-828;; YX33-193-772, etc. Kind.

The main process route is: uncoiling → roll forming → pressing table, cutting → coding.

According to the structure can be divided into two types: plate molding machine, independent arch molding machine

According to the transmission form, it can be divided into: chain molding machine, transmission box molding machine

Glazed tile production machinery is classified according to the degree of automation: semi-automatic and fully automatic



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