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The main function of car bumper

2019-05-22 11:40:18

A car bumper is a safety device that can absorb and relieve external impacts and protect the front and rear of the body.

Twenty years ago, the front and rear bumpers of automobiles were mainly made of metal materials. The U-shaped channel steel is stamped with a steel plate with a thickness greater than 3 mm, and the surface is chrome-plated. Riveted or welded it to the frame rails and compare with the body. The huge gap seems to be an extra part.

With the development of the automobile industry, automobile bumpers, which are important safety devices, are also on the road of innovation. In addition to maintaining the original protection function, the front and rear bumpers of today's cars also pursue harmony and unity with the shape of the body, and pursue their own lightweight. To achieve this, the front and rear bumpers of current automobiles are made of plastic, which is called plastic bumpers.

The plastic bumper is strong, sturdy and decorative. From a safety perspective, they can act as buffers to protect the front and rear bodies in the event of a car crash. From the appearance point of view, they can be naturally integrated with the car body to become a whole, with good decorative properties, and become an important part of decorating the car's appearance.


In addition, in order to reduce the damage to the car occupants in a side collision accident, door bumpers are usually installed on the car to increase the impact force of the door. This method is practical and simple, hardly changing the body structure, and has been widely used. As early as at the Shenzhen International Automobile Exhibition, the Honda Accord participating in the exhibition cut a part of the car door and showed the door bumper to the audience to show its good safety performance.

The installation of door bumpers means that multiple high-strength steel beams are placed horizontally or obliquely in the door panel of each door to be used as the front and rear bumpers of the car, so the front and rear bumpers of the entire car are left to protect the car . , Forming a "copper wall and iron wall", so that passengers have a larger safe area. Of course, installing this kind of door bumper will undoubtedly add some costs to the car manufacturer, but for car occupants, safety and sense of security will be greatly improved.


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