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High-speed guardrail continuous production line

High-speed guardrail continuous production line

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High-speed guardrailHigh-speed guardrail equipment

High-speed guardrail board production lineHigh-speed guardrail board manufacturers

The automatic production line for high-speed guardrail panels is an automated production equipment specially designed by Jinan Ruifu Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. for the automated production of highway guardrail panels;

The main process route is: unwinding-leveling-servo feeding-online punching (end and reinforced holes)-cold bending forming-tracking and cutting-automatic coding. This production line has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high efficiency, and good stability; it has been used by many domestic users and has won good customer reviews. Depending on the configuration, the price is between 400,000 and 850,000.

The high-speed guardrail automatic production line adopts fully automatic control, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

The high-speed guardrail cold-formed and punched production line adopts online punching and continuous production methods to effectively ensure the quality and stability of the product.

The highway guardrail production line developed by Jinan Ruifu Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts continuous production, which can produce 3~5 pieces per minute. The production line adopts automatic coding, which reduces the number of people in the production line. Each production line only needs 1~2 people. Save labor costs and reduce labor intensity of workers.



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