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Three-dimensional garage side beam production line

Three-dimensional garage side beam production line

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Three-dimensional garage productsThree-dimensional garage

The stereo garage side beam production line is an automated production line specially designed for the automatic production of stereo garage side beams. The main process routes are: uncoiling-leveling-servo feeding-online punching-cold forming-cutting-discharging; the production line has a degree of automation High, high efficiency, good stability, etc.; it has been used by many domestic users and has won good customer reviews.

The automatic production line for cold bending and punching of side beams of three-dimensional garage adopts fully automatic control, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

Three-dimensional garage side beams are cold-formed, online punched using online punching, and continuous production can effectively ensure the quality and stability of the product.

Performance characteristics:

1. The equipment's cold-formed forming pass layout and equipment structure design are scientific and reasonable, and have a wide range of adaptability to the softness and hardness of the strip steel, and will not produce ripples and tears during the rolling process;

2. Through servo control, combined with high-speed hydraulic punching mechanism, using strip steel punching, and then continuous cold bending rolling, punching and punching as required to ensure dimensional accuracy; high productivity;

3. Reasonable layout, buffer device before and after punching, servo feeding punching, cold forming, non-stop hydraulic cutting, improving production efficiency;

4. An operator is required;



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