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The role of high-strength automobile anti-collision beam

2019-05-22 11:40:18

As we all know, a triangle is a stable structure, and the body frame is actually composed of many irregular triangles, which can withstand shocks from all directions, but it should be noted that the frame of a car is different in all places.

Because this is related to force transmission, collapse, etc. It can be seen from the figure that different colors represent different material yield strengths. The red is ultra-high strength steel, the yellow material has a slightly weaker yield strength, and the pink part has a lower yield strength, which is mainly used for collapse absorption. The role of energy.

The meaning of the front and rear anti-collision beams is the device for the vehicle to withstand the impact force for the first time. An important concept in the passive safety of the car body is to withstand very little force and the whole car body. Frankly speaking, this means that a certain part of the body has been hit. If only this part of the endurance is allowed, the protection effect achieved will be very poor. If the entire skeleton structure is allowed to bear the force at a certain point, the force intensity at one point can be reduced to a low level, especially the front and rear anti-collision steel beams play an obvious role here.

Anti-collision beam

In this structure, we can see that both ends of the anti-collision beam are connected to the low-speed energy absorption box with very low yield strength, and then bolted to the longitudinal beam of the car body. The low-speed energy absorption box can effectively absorb the collision energy during a low-speed collision of the vehicle, so that the impact force on the car body guide rail is small, and the maintenance cost can be reduced. The bolt connection method can be used to more easily replace the collision beam.

In a high-speed offset collision, the anti-collision beam can effectively transmit the impact force from the left (or right) to the right (or left) of the vehicle body, so that the entire vehicle body can absorb as much energy as possible from the collision. In the case of a low-speed collision (usually less than 15 km/h), the anti-collision beam can avoid the impact on the front and rear longitudinal beams of the vehicle body and reduce maintenance costs.



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