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Is the high-strength automobile anti-collision beam a bumper?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

In terms of car safety, no matter how good the electronic auxiliary system is, the corresponding mechanical hardware support is essential. Because when a collision occurs, the mechanical hardware of these bodies is the guarantee of the car owner. Some car owners are not very clear about the structure of the car body. For example, some car owners ask whether the bumper and the anti-collision beam are the same? what's the difference? . The captain will give you a brief explanation here,

The car bumper is the primary obstacle hindering the passive safety of the car. If it is not for the black heart of the manufacturer, General Motors basically has bumpers, which are distributed in the front and rear of the car. They are mainly made of materials with high elasticity, such as plastics and resins. The factory produces silk, etc., but the subordinate factories do not have these things, and their flexibility is greatly reduced. Its function is to absorb and reduce external shocks, protect the front and rear parts of the important safety devices of the car, even if there is a collision, it is easier to replace.

Highway fence

Automobile anti-collision beams are usually hidden in bumpers and doors. When the elastic material can no longer buffer energy under the action of a large impact, it can protect the occupants in the car. Not every car provides an anti-collision beam, it is mainly made of metal, such as aluminum alloy and steel pipe. Now, more and more manufacturers install side door anti-collision beams into car side doors. Side door anti-collision beam, also called door anti-collision beam, refers to adding cross beams to the internal structure of the door to strengthen the side structure of the vehicle. Based on the possibility of side collisions, door collision avoidance is used as an additional energy absorbing protection device, which can reduce the external forces that the occupants may suffer, and can also protect internal components.

Generally, safety-oriented cars have cushioning foam between the bumper and the anti-collision steel beam, which can absorb the force of low-speed collisions and prevent the bumper from being damaged during low-speed collisions.

Jinan Ruifu Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. can provide domestic and foreign users with automatic production lines, such as uncoiling, leveling, feeding, stamping, roll bending, welding, cutting, etc., which are used for shelf columns, joists, and highway guardrails. , As well as the production of special profiles such as automobile bumpers/U beams, steel structure C/Z steel, electrostatic precipitator anode plates, cable trays, etc.; for the thin-walled cold-formed steel series Forming production lines, such as the processing of shelves, various cabinet panels and architectural composite panels.



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