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The development trend of stamping dies in the new era

2020-07-25 09:04:19

The stamping die of the new era has a strong momentum of development in the fields of new energy, automation equipment, medical equipment, aerospace, energy saving and emission reduction. Among the exhibitors at this year's Guangzhou International Mould Fair, precision multi-station progressive moulds occupy the mainstream product status. Not only the number of exhibitors and the variety of coverage are large, but the quality and technical content of the mold is also much higher than that of previous mold exhibitions.

Industry insiders said that in recent years, the overall technical level of advanced precision stamping dies has been rapidly improved, and performance indicators such as die technology, manufacturing accuracy, service life and manufacturing cycle have been significantly improved. This level has reached or approached the international mold level. For example, the air-conditioning fin progressive die produced by Gree Daikin Mould Co., Ltd. has a service life of 500 million cycles, and its production scale and technological development are in a leading position in China. The 0.4mm pitch high-precision micro connector progressive die developed has a manufacturing accuracy of 0.5. The smaller 0.13mm punch is directly polished to the mirror surface to ensure that the smaller pin of the part is 0.17mm, and the bending accuracy is 0.01mm and is S shape. High precision requirements such as bending. The auto iron core automatic lamination progressive mold produced by Shenzhen Automobile Mould Company has a service life of more than 150 million times. The technical level and lamination technology are close to the advanced level of similar foreign molds. The developed large-scale iron filings progressive die with a diameter of 0.5m is a large precision block composite mold with a high speed of 400 tons, 0.88m square iron filings (rotatable 90 circles) and an ultra-large precision mold (with a diameter of 1.2m). Stator and rotor pieces). The production level and capacity are important in China.

Stamping die

There are many forms of stamping dies, and stamping dies are also classified according to the nature of the workpiece, die structure and die material.

1. Classification according to the nature of the process

2. Classified according to the degree of process combination

3. Classified by product processing method

The materials used to make the stamping die include steel, cemented carbide, steel combined cemented carbide, zinc-based alloy, low melting point alloy, aluminum bronze, polymer materials, etc. Most of the materials used to make stamping dies are steel. Common types of mold parts are: carbon tool steel, low alloy tool steel, high carbon high chromium or medium chromium tool steel, medium carbon alloy steel, high speed steel, basic steel and cemented carbide, steel bonded cemented carbide, etc.



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