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Highway wave guardrail can reduce the severity of accidents

2021-01-06 09:40:14

The function of the wave guardrail is to control and change the collision result. The main purpose of wave barriers is to reduce the severity of collisions, not to avoid collisions from the beginning.

Therefore, all of us should be able to see that the guardrail absorbs vehicle collision energy through its elastic and plastic deformation, friction, body displacement, etc., thereby protecting the safety of passengers. The major difference between it and other safety facilities is that the guardrail uses damage (deformation) of itself and the vehicle to prevent more serious accidents.

As the first part that contacts the car during a collision, the guardrail should not only meet the requirements of tensile strength, but also have good guidance and energy absorption properties. Its functions and goals are as follows:

1) Prevent vehicles from leaving the road, protect the safety of non-road buildings, and ensure that pedestrians will not be seriously injured. For the central partition, it can prevent the car from crossing the central partition and breaking into the opposite lane: at the same time, it can also prevent the vehicle from drilling under the partition or damaging the partition.

2) The obstacle should be able to make the vehicle return to the normal driving direction. The motion trajectory of the car crash barrier should be able to transition smoothly, and stay in a position that will not affect the normal running of the car, and its departure angle is small and the amount of rebound is small.

3) Once the out-of-control vehicle collides with the guardrail, the possibility of causing injury to the driver and passengers can be reduced to a low level, and the guardrail is required to have a good function of absorbing collision energy.

4) It can attract the driver's sight, can clearly see the outline of the road and the line of the forward direction, increase the safety of driving, and increase the beauty of the road.

It can be seen from the above four functions that in order to prevent the car from driving off the road, the guardrail needs to have considerable mechanical strength and rigidity to resist the collision of the vehicle and make the out of control vehicle return to the road. Normal driving direction.

Highway wave guardrail



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