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Installation requirements for installation of highway wave guardrail

2021-01-06 10:02:58

I believe that high-speed wave guardrails have been seen and are very common. Installing guardrails on the highway can effectively improve the ability of the anti-collision guardrails on both sides of the highway. The highway guardrail is the guardian of driving and the moment to protect the safety of highway vehicles. Highway guardrail is an essential part of highway. How to install highway guardrail correctly? What are the requirements for setting up highway guardrails? Below, Xiaoyunmei will introduce you in detail. The installation of highway wave guardrail should be cautious, patient and professional and technical personnel.

There are two types of wave guardrail: one is galvanized wave guardrail, and the other is immersed wave guardrail.

Galvanized corrugated guardrails are commonly used guardrails on highways and are widely used due to their strong durability and strong corrosion resistance.

When installing the wave guardrail, please pay attention to the following points:

1. Workers who install wave barriers should be divided into three groups, each with seven people. Installation is more effective. The installation should be carried out in the direction opposite to the driving direction to make the operation more convenient and quick.

2. The galvanized layer of corrugated guardrail has low hardness and is easily damaged. During installation, handle with care to avoid damage to the guardrail. If the galvanized layer is accidentally damaged, don't worry. Spray high-concentration zinc within 24 hours, and replace the guardrail in severe cases.

3. Fix the bracket on the column during installation. After fixing the bracket, the bracket does not need to be too tight so that the entire guardrail can be adjusted later. The guardrail is fixed on the bracket, and there are screws between the guardrail and the guardrail. Please note that the guardrail cannot be installed in reverse, and the guardrail installed in the future may cause serious losses.

Highway wave guardrail

4. After installing the wave guardrail, you should continuously adjust the installed wave guardrail. Use the oblong hole on the guardrail and the adjustment wire to adjust. The guardrail shall be installed neatly without any uneven parts. After adjustment, the screws on the board can be further fixed and tightened.

Therefore, the correct installation of highway wave guardrails is very strict. The wave guardrail is the safety guarantee for people driving on the road, so the wave guardrail also plays an important role in people's lives.

Highway guardrail installation requirements:

The manufacturing process of highway fence nets is completed by weaving and welding, and has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun protection, and strong weather resistance. The anti-corrosion forms of the fence surface include electroplating, hot dipping, spraying, dipping, galvanizing and dipping.

What are the requirements for road guardrails during installation?

Answer: The size of the highway column is mainly controlled between Φ114~Φ140mm, and can be measured according to the following dimensions:

1. The width of the double-wave protective beam is 310 mm, the wave height is 85 mm, the thickness is 3 mm and 4 mm, and the theoretical weight is: 3 mm thickness 49.16 kg, 4 mm thickness 65.55 kg, 3 mm thickness 12.3 tons, 4 mm thickness 16.388t

2. The specifications of the three-beam guardrail are 4320 mm in length, 505 mm in width, 85 mm in height and 4 mm in thickness. The theoretical weight is 102kg, using 130 * 130 square pipe column.

Combined with the new highway fence structure and installation method, it is required to control the size of two adjacent pillars within 4 meters or 2 meters. Different types of fences, different materials and different mesh diameters will seriously hinder the entire construction progress. When the product is fully used, the column is more durable.



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