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Steel Silo Technology

2020-07-25 09:03:22

The application and development of steel silo technology in the grain industry in my country started late. In 1982, Honghe Farm in Heilongjiang Province imported galvanized corrugated steel silo from the United States, which was the earlier modern steel silo group in China. In the 1990s, my country's steel silo construction made previous developments. In the 21st century, Zhengchang has introduced a full set of technology and special equipment production lines for prefabricated steel silos in the United States. Based on foreign advanced technology, design software and production standards, Zhengchang Company carried out innovative development on the basis of digestion and absorption, and started mass production. The production and installation of the prefabricated steel silo make the strength, performance and safety of the steel silo reliable, and the steel silo is exported in large quantities as a product. It represents the international level of steel silo production, production and installation in my country today. The leader in steel silo production and installation.

Steel silo

At present, steel silos can store grains, powders, grains and fats, food, brewing, coal, building materials, etc., and are widely used in industrial and agricultural fields, urban and rural areas and environmental protection industries.

The cold roll forming equipment produced by our company has the following advantages:

1. The equipment is controlled by PLC, and multiple safety protections are set during normal production.

2. The bed is welded steel plate. And tempered to eliminate internal stress and avoid body deformation.

3. The forming frame is a cast iron structure and has been tempered. High strength and long service life.

4. The material of the roller is 40Cr, and the hardness after quenching and tempering is HB280.

5. The material of the forming mold is GCr15, quenched, and the hardness is HRC56-62℃.

6. The transmission structure is gear box transmission. Each forming frame has a gear box, which can ensure the high intensity operation and service life of the equipment over time


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