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Stretch bending machine is an advanced cold bending process

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Stretch bending machines can be divided into turntable bending machines and double-arm bending machines, as well as various special bending machines, such as special stretching machines for shower rooms, special stretching machines for train top beams and special stretching machines for elevators.

The stretch bending machine adopts full hydraulic control, easy operation and high production efficiency. It can cold-bend various steel pipes, square pipes, H-beams, I-beams, channel steels, angle irons, flat irons and aluminum profiles with cross-sections less than 500mm. The curvature after bending is complete, high precision, and good stability.

Good and unchanged, well received by customers.

Stretch bending machines are mainly used for building curved steel structures, tunnel brackets, roof curved beams, subway projects, aluminum doors and windows, curtain walls, ceilings, cylindrical inner frames, terrace handrails, shower doors, greenhouses, production line tracks, telephone booths, fitness equipment And display racks and other industries.

Stretch bending machine product parameters

1. Bending radius

Smaller bending radius: Aluminum profile (Router-Rinner)/Router≤8%

Stainless steel profile (road trough)/road trough ≤30%

Large bending radius is not restricted

2. Tolerance of bending arc radius:

The radius is less than 1 meter, the deviation per meter length is less than ±1mm

The radius is greater than 1 meter, the deviation per meter length is less than ±2mm

Stretch bending machine

3. Material calculation: reserve a 300mm chuck at the end. Simple symmetrical small cross-section profile does not require test materials, complex cross-sections or large cracks

The surface profile needs to provide 1-2 kinds of test materials, and the material utilization rate based on the 6-meter profile is 95%.

Stretch bending machine is an advanced cold bending process, its main features are as follows:

Various cross-sections can be bent

Almost all aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and other metal profiles and pipes can be bent.

Good bending quality

★The processed materials such as spraying, electrophoresis, electroplating, polishing and wire drawing can be bent directly without damaging the surface of the material.

★Can form hollow and complex cross-sectional contours at one time. If the relative bending radius allows, the inner wall will not wrinkle and the cross section will not be deformed.

★ Stretching and bending can effectively eliminate the residual stress inside the material, and the product has good dimensional stability.

★Due to the cold work hardening of metal materials, the materials can improve their comprehensive mechanical properties after stretching and bending.

Can be bent in various curved shapes

In addition to being able to bend conventional standard arcs, it can also bend a series of complex curves, such as U-shaped, S-shaped, W-shaped, elliptical, parabolic, arcs with straight segments, conical curves, and multiple curves. Radius shapes.

Strong bending ability

★Larger curved arc length: 12 meters

The larger length of one molding can reach 12 meters. For projects that require longer arc lengths, it can improve installation efficiency, reduce installation costs, save materials and improve project quality.

★Larger cold-formed section: 500mmx350mm

★Bending radius: No restriction when the material's mechanical properties (elongation) allow.

The structural innovation of the stretch brake specifically refers to the structural improvement of the stretch brake. The bending machine includes a frame and a rotating arm. The upper side of the frame is combined with a large plate, and both sides of the front end of the frame are symmetrically pivoted by two rotating arms. A movable cylinder seat with a chuck is installed on the upper rail surface of the rotating arm to drive the rotating arm. One end of the bending cylinder is hinged to the front of the frame, and the other end is hinged to the inner flange of the swing arm through the outer end of the piston rod. The flange is located outside the swing arm, frame, and swing arm, and there is a movable triangle relationship between the bending cylinders. The hydraulic cylinder of the stretch bending machine does not need to pass through the inside of the rotating arm, so there is no need to hollow out the middle of the inside of the rotating arm, thereby ensuring the integrity of the rotating arm and enhancing the strength and strength. Stretch the stiffness of the rotating arm of the bending machine.



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