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Install the cars anti-collision steel beam to the end to prevent collision

2020-07-25 09:03:22

As cars continue to enter Chinese households, the safety of cars has attracted more and more attention from consumers. When it comes to anti-collision steel beams, many car owners know a general idea. But some netizens asked us about the anti-collision steel beam of the car. Can the anti-collision beam really prevent collisions? Would it cut corners without it? Today we will chat with you all.

First, we need to figure out the purpose of anti-collision steel beams. The main function of the anti-collision steel beam is not to make the car "anti-collision", but to transmit impact. When the car is hit by the front or rear of the car, if force acts on the anti-collision steel beam, the steel beam can transmit the impact force to the energy absorption box in the connecting part of the car.

Therefore, theoretically speaking, if the car has anti-collision steel beams, it will definitely improve safety.

Anti-collision steel beams are usually made of high-strength steel, or made through processes such as I-shaped and lap joints to achieve strong structural rigidity. This is because, as described above, the anti-collision steel beam transmits force in a collision. The more difficult it is, the better the transmission effect can be guaranteed. Otherwise, it will be invalid if it is folded first. The anti-collision steel beam itself is not a necessary "rebar". Many family cars have it cut off. The culprit is actually the low C-NCAP standard. Some manufacturers have found that their products can reach 5 stars even without the anti-collision steel beams, which gives them the opportunity to make smaller calculations and save costs. But some cars are not designed with anti-collision steel beams. Because the collision performance of a car does not entirely depend on the existence of anti-collision steel beams. Through the design of the body structure, such as the anti-collision foam reinforced by the rear frame structure, it can also play the role of anti-collision steel beams. For cars with anti-collision steel beams, if the design of the steel frame structure is unreasonable, the collision effect may be invalid. Jia is useless. Some anti-collision steel beams are covered with foam. This is to fill the gap between the resin bumper and the anti-collision steel beam so that the bumper will not be too "soft" when pressed from the outside. The actual effect is that it can be directly maintenance-free at a very low speed and very small force.

Anti-collision steel beam

So, is a car without anti-collision steel beams safe?

If the car itself does not have anti-collision steel beams (not available in versions around the world), it cannot be installed by itself. Since the additional steel beams are bound to destroy the overall safety structure of the original car, this effect may be counterproductive and unsafe. However, if the car was originally designed with anti-collision steel beams, but was later reduced in some versions to save space, then it is certain that the safety of this car will definitely decrease. The development of the whole vehicle is a very huge system engineering. Current civilian vehicles are all developed on public platforms. At the beginning of the design, the overall performance balance of all aspects should be considered. The improvement of body structure will affect the whole body. It needs a bunch of things to change together. From a cost perspective, this is very uneconomical for car companies.

So why do some automobile companies reduce the use of anti-collision steel beams? Of course, this can bring the benefit of saving production costs. Imagine that a car sells 100,000 units per year. If the cost of bicycles is directly reduced by 200 yuan, 20 million yuan will be saved every year. For example, Volkswagen Bora (participate, picture, query), the production in 2014 was 222,663 vehicles. If the cost of the anti-collision beam is 200 yuan, this item alone can save 44.53 million yuan.

So, what other models are not equipped with anti-collision steel beams? Judging from the current media evaluation, it can be summarized as this sentence for your reference: joint venture models under 100,000 yuan are almost not equipped with rear anti-collision steel beams! In particular, Japanese cars and German cars are the most severely affected areas, but independent brands are relatively good. Most of the joint venture models priced at more than RMB 100,000 are equipped with rear anti-collision steel beams.



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