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Application range of CNC ring rolling machine

2020-07-25 09:03:22

D53K series CNC ring rolling machine

Product model: D53K series ring rolling mill

Application industry: It has been widely used in machinery industry, petrochemical industry, textile industry, engineering machinery and aerospace industry.

Product use: Mainly used for rolling bearing rings, gear rings, flanges, hubs, thin-walled cylinders and other forgings, and can be used for rolling carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys and high-temperature alloys and other materials

CNC ring rolling machine work

Product features of ring rolling mill:

The ring rolling mill is mainly composed of the following parts: main gearbox, main body, main slide, main roller, shaft frame centering mechanism, measuring device, hydraulic system, hydraulic pipeline, control system, crawler device, lubrication system, cooling system, foundation Wait.

D53K series ring rolling mill

Provide domestic customers with multiple production lines with mature technology and reliable quality.

Jinan Ruifu Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industrialized entity composed of professional engineers and technicians. They have been engaged in the design and manufacture of forging parts, stamping automation and cold bending equipment in the Forming Machinery Research Institute for many years. Affiliated to the original machinery department, it is mainly engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of metal forming technology and sheet metal parts. Jin Machinery is committed to forging, stamping automation, cold-formed forming equipment and factory solutions, high-speed stamping equipment and mold development, and provides a full line of products with hydraulic and electrical control technology. The company's products have been exported to more than ten countries overseas, and have been highly recognized by foreign customers! Welcome customers to call to discuss!

CNC ring rolling machine equipment



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