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What problems should be paid attention to when installing wave-shaped guardrail galvanized guardrail?

2021-01-06 09:55:54

Galvanized guardrail not only has strong absorption and collision ability, but also has good induction function, and can reflect each other with the road surface. It can be used for small radius bends and it is also very convenient for damage. already fixed. So, what are the three points to pay attention to when installing galvanized fence panels? Let us understand together!

1. In areas with high retaining walls, it should be considered whether the foundation of the guardrail post is firm. When the radius of the curve is less than 70m, the usual guardrail (single piece with a length of 4m) can no longer be used, but a curved beam is used. When designing, the number of curved beams should be calculated according to different radii.

2. When installing the galvanized guardrail, please arrange it according to the height of the filler, the slope of the side slope and the condition of the protected object. Through the protection of the guardrail, the vehicle can be guided correctly. Before making the layout, please be familiar with the route along the route and the design of bridges and culverts, and fully consider them;

Highway wave guardrail

3. When guardrails are adopted for the isolation belt, full consideration should be given to the cooperation with the embedded pipeline under the isolation belt. If a separate guardrail is used, it should prevent the guardrail post from conflicting with the embedded pipeline at the opening of the partition. In addition, the guardrail with anti-blocking blocks should not only increase the deformability of the guardrail, but also make the post move backward. This can ensure that the vehicle hits the guardrail board first, prevents wheels from tripping over the guardrail post, and has high performance.

The installation of galvanized guardrail can ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. The correct installation method can make the guardrail stronger, can play a role, and let everyone have a comfortable travel experience.



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