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Installation steps and precautions of high-speed wave guardrail

2021-01-06 09:58:16

What are the installation steps and precautions for wave guardrails? The following is the introduction of wave guardrail manufacturer to you, hope our introduction can better help workers.

Installation method of corrugated guardrail soil subgrade: installation and penetration type of corrugated guardrail (code: Gr-A-4E, Gr-A-2E, Gr-B-4E, Gr-B-2E, Gr-Am-4E, ( Gr-Am -2E, Gr-SB-2E, Gr-SB-1E)), all the wave guardrail codes I mentioned above are driven by penetration force, according to which the columns are 1.95 meters, 2.15 meters, 2.54 meters, etc. . Construct the pile numbers on the drawings in advance, start to draw lines, and make preparations. This is a prerequisite. The driving type needs to be a soil subgrade, not mixed with soil and stones.

Highway wave guardrail production equipment

1. In order to drive the chromatographic column, one parent needs to drive the pile driver, and then one parent places the column according to the distance and pre-places the linearity so that we can use it again in the future. Due to poor linearity, heavy industry will be terrible. Hit the pillar so that we can hit the pillar well.

2. Place the boards one by one at a distance of 4 meters from each board. First use an open 27-24 wrench to connect the bracket (resistance block) and the column cap with 150 wave-shaped guardrail bolts, and they cannot be tightened. Hang it up.

3. Hang the circuit board, the connection bracket (resistance block) and the column cap between the circuit board and the chromatographic column have been suspended, and now we begin to hang the circuit board together with the two hanging circuit boards at the same time. For flat bolts, one bolt should be placed at one end first without lifting the rest of the bolts, which is too laborious. Then, tighten all the remaining 35 wave guard bolts. After that, check the linearity and tighten all bolts. This is all the steps to install the wave guardrail above.



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