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How to install highway fence net?

2021-01-06 10:14:43

Installation method and sequence of highway fence netting: The three-dimensional cross-border operation of fence net installation project is more complicated, and various tasks need to be coordinated. Therefore, complete technical measures should be formulated during installation to control the entire construction process and establish a complete quality assurance. This system and safety guarantee system ensure the smooth implementation of the project under safe and orderly conditions.

The installation of engineering fences, steel beams, platform beams and purlins all adopt separate hoisting methods: one is to hoist the fence in order; the other is to hoist the fence in order. The second is to raise the support between the pillars. The third is to hoist the top beam, horizontal support and contact beam in sequence. The fourth is to upgrade the platform.

Highway fence

The installation sequence is: guardrail net column support, top beam, contact beam, horizontal support beam-two-story platform beam, purlin, support, gusset. Highway fence net installation technical scheme foundation Before preparing to install the fence net, the civil construction transfer (including written materials and physical objects) needs to be carried out, and then the positioning size, shaft position, bolt center line, elevation, etc. need to be determined. Re-measure.

Retest content: Whether the measurement data of the top height of the foundation meets the design requirements. Whether each span and row distance meets the design requirements and acceptance specifications. Whether the information is complete and consistent with the actual measurement data on site.

Before installing the fence, the concrete slag should be removed, the foundation positioning line should be established, and the accurate "+" axis should be painted with red paint to ensure that it coincides with the fence axis.

The height adjustment of the highway fence net adopts horns. The thickness of the corner is calculated from the measured height. First, place one corner and use a level to measure, and then use the level to adjust the other three corners, but please note that the total of each corner does not exceed three yuan.



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