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Installation details of highway wave guardrail

2021-01-06 10:11:53

In the wave-shaped highway guardrail installation project, the installation and construction of the wave-shaped guardrail board will start after the sidewalk construction and piling work are completed. Before installing the corrugated guardrail, it is necessary to install a test area of tens of meters. After obtaining quality and experience effects, the entire construction and installation can be carried out with the approval of the engineering supervisor. The following are the installation requirements and steps of the wave guardrail.

1. Method/Step

◆A double-wrapped round-head guardrail should be installed at the triangular opening of the split and merged, and its radius should be consistent with the cylindrical shape at the opening

◆When installing the guardrail board on the middle partition, a double-wound round head guardrail should be installed at the opening of the partition belt, and its radius should be consistent with the line shape of the opening.

◆When installing ground-anchored end guardrails, four movable uprights should be installed first. When pouring the concrete foundation, the end guardrail slabs and guardrail slabs should be buried in the concrete.

◆The installation of movable guardrail is usually to dig a foundation pit according to the design position before laying the asphalt on the sidewalk. Pour the concrete of the pre-buried guardrail steel pipe on site, and take protective measures to prevent impurities from entering the pre-buried pipe. The movable steel guardrail should be installed straight, uniform in height, undamaged on the surface, and easy to pull and insert.

2. The position and position of the corrugated guardrail has a great influence on the appearance and quality of the anti-collision guardrail. It is very important to master the correct positioning and wiring method. According to the structure drawing, the position of the anti-collision barrier is determined by the curb. It is assumed that the laying of curbs is relatively smooth in the longitudinal direction (the direction along the road), and there is no misalignment in the horizontal direction (the direction perpendicular to the road), which is not the case in actual construction. The laying of curbs is parallel to the vertical and horizontal directions. There is an error in the design. If only curbs are used for positioning, the guardrail post will not be straight in the vertical direction. After installing the guardrail, the linear part will appear uneven.

Highway wave guardrail

3. Height control of corrugated guardrail post: Whether the top surface of the post is smooth or not determines the smoothness of the top surface of the guardrail board. The height of the column is a major factor affecting the shape of the crash barrier. In the initial construction of the anti-collision barrier, we assumed that the curb was at the design height. According to the structure drawing, the height of the top of the column is 70cm higher than the curb. When a column is driven, the top of the column will reach the road. When the top surface of the curb is 70cm, record the position of the pile hammer on the guide rod of the pile driver. After driving each column, when the pile hammer descends to the recording position, it indicates that the column has been driven into position.


◆Ensure that the overlapping direction of each guardrail is consistent with the driving direction of the road.

◆When fixing the guardrail board to the connecting bolts of the anti-blocking block of the bracket previously installed on the column, it is recommended not to tighten the bolts prematurely to facilitate future changes and adjustments.

It is necessary to check whether the shape of the line is smooth and whether the elevation is consistent with a line. Note: The long round hole on the wave plate plays a role of timely adjustment.

◆When the linear performance of the guardrail is stable, please tighten the connecting bolts and splicing bolts.

◆After installation, the corrugated cardboard should have the characteristics of smooth lines, consistent colors, flat and smooth, and no damage. Single-wrap round head guardrail or ground anchor guardrail should be installed at the (starting point) point of the highway side guardrail

The above is the experience and experience of our company. I hope to help and enlighten the installation procedure of road guardrail. I also hope that beginners can learn something valuable and improve the quality and efficiency of their work.



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