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Advantages and use characteristics of photovoltaic support equipment

2021-01-06 11:06:15

With the development of economy, more and more materials are used in the production industry, and many precision profile forming machines have appeared. Photovoltaic mounting equipment is one of them. Photovoltaic manufacturing companies usually use photovoltaic mounting equipment to produce raw materials, battery modules and other component products. Even if it is reused, it can still maintain its original physical form and function. It is also widely used in industry, but people know very little about it.

The types and usage characteristics of photovoltaic support equipment are as follows:

Photovoltaic equipment is divided into five categories by industry: silicon rod or ingot manufacturing equipment, silicon wafer or wafer manufacturing equipment, battery chip manufacturing equipment, crystalline silicon battery component manufacturing equipment, and thin film component manufacturing equipment.

Photovoltaic mounting equipment is divided into three categories according to the installation ground: one is a sloping roof photovoltaic system, the other is a flat roof photovoltaic system, and the third is a large ground photovoltaic system. These three systems have their own advantages and characteristics.

1. The brackets we use for sloping roof photovoltaic systems are usually placed on the roof, so we need to choose the bracket according to the type of roof. Regarding the inclined roof photovoltaic support equipment, it is very suitable for tile roofs with different thickness and height adjustable equipment accessories to meet the various application needs of customers. Moreover, its adjustment is also very convenient, and it can be used without damaging the roof self-waterproof system. Realize the installation of the bracket.


2. Flat roof photovoltaic system. As the name suggests, this system bracket equipment is a flat roof bracket installation system, which is more convenient to install. Since the installation ground is relatively flat, it is suitable for large-scale and neat laying, and has a variety of stable and reliable basic connection methods. We can also develop unique accessories according to customer requirements, so that customers get greater satisfaction.

3. A common type of photovoltaic support equipment used for large ground photovoltaic systems is a large ground photovoltaic system. Large-scale ground photovoltaic systems usually take the form of a concrete strip foundation. This type of bracket installation can be installed quickly and can be used with large-scale ground photovoltaic systems to improve the progress of power station construction personnel, so it is also widely used. The above are some types and usage characteristics of photovoltaic support systems. With the development of industry, this kind of equipment will become more and more popular, so we need to be cautious when choosing equipment to make our lives more convenient and faster.



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