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Knowledge of Cold Forming Machine

2021-01-06 11:11:27

The core of the cold forming line is the rolling mill (forming unit). The rolling mill provides power and supports all forming dies. The position of the entire cold bending forming line corresponds to the shoulder of the forming machine. There are countless changes in the design of the rolling mill, but the rolling mill can be divided into cantilever type, double-ended type, through-shaft double-ended type, standard type (traditional type), double-layer type, rapid group change type (plate type, box type), Parallel type. This classification does not include "special rolling mills" such as stretch forming machines, spiral tube rolling mills, vehicle-mounted rolling mills and special rolling mills.

Jinan Ruifu Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a professional cold forming solution provider in China. It has a technical team with many years of design and development experience and rich manufacturing experience. Years of design and manufacturing have enabled the company to accumulate many cold-formed solutions. It is the purpose of the company's production design to meet the requirements of each customer's equipment.

Two cantilever rolling mills are installed opposite to each other and are called double-ended cantilever rolling mills. By adjusting one or both sides of the double-ended cantilever rolling mill, the width of the formed product can be changed inward or outward. The width adjustment is controlled by the program controller or computer.

Cold forming machine

Roll the flat material into the shape and specifications required by the design. Structure: The molding machine consists of a base, a power transmission system and a molding unit. The forming bed is welded by section steel and steel plate. After the stress is eliminated, the assembly center is clamped and milled by the machining center once. There are adjusting bolts under the fuselage to adjust the ground height. The molding machine adopts the quick change mode, and the pin positioning device ensures accurate positioning when lifting the quick change unit.

Both ends of the shaft of a standard rolling mill are supported. This structure can be used for rolling mill settings and infinite width and thickness manufacturing. This is a commonly used cold rolling forming unit.

The development of the group's rapid replacement of rolling mills is an important breakthrough in the convenience of reducing roll replacement time. The rapid change of the rolling mill group reduced the replacement time of the large wave-shaped plate rolling mill from more than 8 hours (4 hours for small rolling mills) to 30-50 minutes, or even less than 5 minutes. The group's rapid replacement rolling mill has a foundation on which the drive and the plate to be replaced are installed. The board can be installed 4-8 times or more.



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